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About Aaron Hanson - Instructor


Aaron has an extensive outdoors background both as a participant of a range of pursuits as well as an instructor. 


His passion for the outdoors started early on his grandparents farm as well with his Dad who enjoyed hunting and getting outdoors.

From here he began to participate in as many activities as he could from tramping, hunting through to sailing and mountaineering, taking part in as many training courses as he could to develop a deeper knowledge. During this time he developed a real interest in bushcraft and survival and continues to practice and teach those skills which he has learnt during his years outdoors.


He volunteers as a member of NZ Land Search & Rescue, also being involved in a couple of the specialist teams including the Line Rescue Team (rope assisted rescue) as well heading up the Operational Tracking team. This commitment sees him on call throughout the Auckland area for those that are lost, despondent or incapacitated in some way in either our native or urban landscapes.


Aaron has also worked as a ski instructor, while also having a combined total of 25 years in Karate and Aikido, during which time he served many years as an instructor. In both arts he holds 1st and 2nd dan ranks respectively. He is also a qualified open water diver and still likes to chase the crayfish when he can.


With a real love of New Zealand's outdoors, his favourite spot is Aspiring National Park and so in his spare time, Aaron can be found there either above or below the bush-line. But if you don't spot him there, he will be out on his kayak somewhere around Auckland.

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